The Marquise design

  1. The Marquise design, the design with the lazor cutouts that allows canvas to show through, I guess is an older BV design? Does anyone own a bag like this? How does it wear? Do the open areas tend to snag on things? TIA for any info.
  2. I have seen one marquis veneta IRL. I think the braiding which is canvas would fray and get dirty faster than the traditional leather venetas. Also it seemed heavier than the leather venetas. I've never seen one that has been broken in so I don't know if it wears and slouches the same as a leather veneta because of the canvas panel. I think for the right discounted price I would consider a marquis veneta, but for full price I'd get a full leather BV.
  3. hi llaneedle, i think you will need to baby the marquise if you were to get it. it didn't create a great impression on me as i happened to bump into a lady delivering repaired bvs to the store while i was browsing, and there were 3 marquises!
  4. i don't think this style sold very well. i remember they had a number of them at filene's in chicago this summer and they just sat and sat. i personally am not a huge fan. i think the style looks kinda dated.
  5. There are oodles of them at Bluefly all the time too (EVEN during their "everything 10% off today" sales - when they usually take anything remotely desirable from the website)!
  6. It's a pretty bag but it didn't hang very well. It was much "starchier" than the normal weave bags and the canvas looked dirty - even on the shop floor. I think if you can pick it up really cheaply then go for it but if not better to hold out for a classic style.