the marketplace

  1. i just wanted sayTHANK YOU to EVERYONE for the marketplace...its so MUCH FRIGGIN FUN. It beats ebay ANYDAY. I havent had the chance to actually buy something because some of you are super super fast on the PM'S LOL...( i lied, im waiting on beccas move, so i can pay for the cherry blossom pti) other then that, you gurls totally ROCK!

    sorry, i just had to express to everyone how much fun im having looking at your guys bags and stuff for sale!!

    keep them coming :biggrin:
  2. lol Cool. I heart the Marketplace too!
  3. I love it too! Welcome LP! I like Linkin Park too. :amuse:
  4. The Marketplace is so much warmer than Ebay, and you KNOW that all the PF girls are trustable and super-nice. Thanks to Megs and Vlad for letting us have it!!!
  5. WELCOME!!
    I totally agree - Marketplace is a lot of fun.
    Personally, I think ebay was long ago taken over by,say,
    Aliens From The Place With No Manners and Worse. :weird:
    It's so hit or miss over there now.....:suspiciou
  6. Yeah, I have gotten several bags from the marketplace (one of them arrived today) so I am excited.. hope that I can get my 1st paddy through the marketplace without paying my whole month's salary.. hehe... but definitely, thanks to Megs and Vlad, all the moderators for a job well done.. thank u.
  7. Isn't it FAB!!!?
  8. Definitely! I would NEVER use ebay. But this was a great way to thin out my collection and pick up nice things!
  9. Yes, I definitely agree! We are so lucky to have each other to help with our "need to get rid of" and "oh, I gotta have" needs! Plus, everyone is so sweet here! And THANK YOU for all the Generous Freebies out there too! :smile: You guys are the best!! :smile: Yea, MUCH BETTER than Ebay!
  10. yep, Marketplace is great. Let's hope that it'll stay that way.
  11. i love the marketplace too! and i love LP too! hehehe, mike is such a cutie pie! welcome to the PF! it rocks!
  12. Glad you all love it!!! I sure do too and it will continue to be there as everything continues running smoothly!
  13. gotta agree, so far, i've only had good experiences!
  14. I :love: the Marketplace as well.
  15. Oh, I know exactly what you mean! It goes both ways. Either super rude sellers who don't want to answer any questions and say as much on their listings, or insanely rude buyers.

    When the LV Cerises collection came out, I was fortunate enough to snag quite a few of the pieces, which I then sold on eBay. In spite of the bags being sold for slightly over retail, in perfect condition, and with the original LV receipt from the Champs-Elysees store, I had one buyer tell me she didn't think the bag was authentic because her friend said so. It was a friggin' new collection! How would her friend know? Grrrr. . .On top of it, she harrassed me to leave feedback for her, and then refused to leave feedback for me. I told her if she wanted to send the bag back, she could and I would find another buyer, but she kept it in the end. . . .she knew it was real. I was freaked out that she was going to send me a fake bag as a replacement, though.

    This marketplace is a million times better than eBay.