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  1. Well, nothing up for auction but I just wanted to say finally look at an auction and know everything is authentic and no one is trying to cheat someone. What a breath of fresh hair :love:
  2. I concur!

    Now . . .{fingers tapping} what will we do if one of our beloved's sells us a fake? LOL!
    We need to come up w/ a good plan for them!

  3. :oh: I certainly hope the ladies here have better character /sense than to pull the old switcharoo on a fellow blogger :evil: .
    I realize I'm a newbie and may be overstepping my bounds but if this should ever occur I think they should be banned from the PF and have their ISP blocked.

    Let's leave the hustlers and thieves you know where :lol: :lol: :lol: .
  4. hahah I just noticed I said HAIR not air... lol Cat, I agree to an extent. Vlad posted that he cannot guarentee that all bags with be authentic...I think they should be banned from the PF, if they try to sell a fakey..but if they literally say "this is not authentic" etc. I don't think it would be nessacarily as big of a deal. I personally wouldn't use a fake..and I think alot of the members here can agree..but there are still a few that haven't switched over to the "other side" lol...
  5. Don't worry, Cat, you're not getting a fake from me. ;)
  6. I'm pretty positive about the honesty here because as a total newbie you can't sell at the marketplace. So I'm looking forward to it.
  7. ohh good point made Tanja..I forgot that there are "requirements" to selling.. that was a good idea of vlad and meg.
  8. IntlSet, I'm not worried one bit regarding my purchase from you ;) .

    JAP4life you're correct about Vlad & Meg not being held responsible .
    I just appreciate a seller being forthright & honest regarding any item they are selling be it a purse,shoes,etc.If it's a fakey at least be honest with potential buyers.:biggrin: I understand not everyone can afford the real deal and many like their knockoffs ,I'm just not one of them.

    The sales that take place on e-Bay are handled under e-Bays rules & regulations regardless if the seller is a member of PF.

    I can't go into detail but I don't play when it comes to money matters,the last scamming seller that screwed me over found his butt face to face with me in a court of law,nuff said ;) .
  9. WHOA! You go Cat! Why can't you go into detail? You ended up taking him to court?

    I'm telling you, I've always wanted a lawyer husband just for matters like this. "Honey, I know you're an estate lawyer but this guy on Ebay just suckered me, please sue him."

    Cat, your bag went out today! It's insured and it should get there in 2-3 days (after this holiday weekend)!
  10. **********************************************

    IntlSet,I refrained from going into detail because of the many charges that were brought against this seller.Theft and mail fraud to name a few as he always shipped his fake goods using the USPS,big mistake since his items were being autioned off and guaranteed 100% authentic.

    Rule #1-Never pissoff Cat!!! :lol:
    Rule #2- Never sell or auction off anything and guarantee it's authenticity when you know you'll be shipping fake merchandise through USPS.
    After doing some detective work on my own I contacted other buyers he had taken advantage of with his scamming ways.
    I got the victims to file a report of his transactions with the police department in the locality & state he resided and shipped the items . We also filed police reports with our local police departments.
    Everyone of us filed reports with the USPS/fraud division.
    The matter wasn't solved over night but I doubt he will be scamming anyone again for awhile.:lol: :lol: :lol:
    Sometimes we good guys/girls do come out on top.:biggrin:

    I'm not as young as most of you ladies and though I'm known for being a sweetheart when I'm pushed,I tend to push right back.You wouldn't believe some of the awfull e-mails I received from this creep.He made his first contact with me through the auction site,thereafter all contact was made through his IPS provider on his home computer straight to my e-mail address.
    I kept each an every one,little did he realize they would actually help me track him down,right back to the location of the computer he used to send them ,:lol: dumba$$.

    I'll be keeping watch for my package,hope I'm home when it arrives.:smile: Once it arrives I'll be giving the LV Mizi a rest.;)
  11. Wow CAT..I am keepin you by my side incase that happens to me..LOL
  12. Cat, you are THE woman to call! Wow, I'm glad you worked it out. Probably one of the very few cases in which justice was served regarding fake merchandise.
  13. Thank goodness, I'm really glad that you didn't let some jackass step all over you !! Great detective work Cat ! ;)
  14. Cat do you mind if I share/email your story to a LVLU member who is currently trying to get money back for a pair of shoes she sent out but the "buyer" never paid for? TIA
  15. cat, you're my hero!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.