The Marigold Club

  1. here's my humble little baby!

    when i first got her...

    togther with EB Work 4 months later
  2. I've heard 07 referred to as jaune and marigold...jaune just means yellow.:yes:

  3. I guess I belong to this club too:p I have an -04 marigold first, and here she is with my anis city:smile: Sorry about the blurry pics but I only have my cellphone at the moment! anismarigold.jpg
  4. So glad that finally I join this club:yahoo:
    My Marigold 04 City
    Anis 04 Mini Classique
    And Jaune 07 Make Up Clutch

  5. To me the REAL Marigold is the one from 2004 - definitely :drool: and it's not only the 'sunny' colour but also the ultra-smooth, yummy leather :nuts::yahoo:!!
    CONGRATS Kat and Andy :flowers::love: (btw: Andy, I'm drooling over your avatar-picture :heart:!)
  6. here is mine:yahoo:twiggy marigold 04


  7. Andy always TDF bags!!! I love your -04 city! I agree with "I" firstclass1 that the real marigold to me is the -04 one...and not just because of the colour but the leather too like she said!!

    lovelv gorgeous twiggy! Congrats!

  8. 07 Jaune GSH Work.:love:
  9. My 07 Jaune Work



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    :wtf: where did you find that beauty??

    Lovely64 and Andy-Sach...I'm loving your marigold babies, too! Time for a new HG?
  11. Jaune Money Wallet.:woohoo:
    IMG_5226 (2).JPG IMG_5227 (2).JPG
  12. Jaune step! My favorite color so far
  13. Hooray for Marigold! I love this color so much! :heart: :heart: It's so vibrant and sunny -- can't wait to take it out!


    Here's my best shot at trying to capture its yummy goodness... :girlsigh:

  14. Here's my 04 Marigold Mini Classique! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    P1050217.JPG P1050226.JPG
  15. I am so happy I can finally be a part of the club again. I had both a Jaune step and city and sold them both and after months of heart ache finally found another city!! Here she is, my HG
    Jaune City 005.JPG Jaune City 007.JPG