The "Marc Jacobs" looking wristlet??

  1. Hey girls I had this image etched in my mind lately don't know why I didn't buy it when I saw it. It's the big wristlet with the two pockets in front kind of like marc jacobs. Anyone have it? Is coach still selling it? Or do I have to scour eBay? Thanks I apreciate it.
  2. Is it signature & it has gold or white trim like this one?
    These ones are on sale at dept stores like Hechts & macys for like 50% off. You could alway check those places out first & of course your local coach outlet if you have one available to you. If not you could always go the eBay route or call Coach's 800# & if they still have them they could ship it to you but it will be full price.
  3. ^ I want that one so bad!

    If you mean the nylon ones, I have two and I bought them from a COACH outlet. They should still be selling them.
  4. Abandoned I knew you were looking for the bag like that, but if I didn't know about the wristlet. My Nordies had those on sale back in June/July.
  5. Yep, I have this one with the white leather trim, LOVE it. I found it at Macy's on sale.
  6. ^ Man I need to get to a Macys or Nordstroms! I'm back in the Raleigh area too, so that means GREAT shopping!
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