The many ways to use the O’Kelly GM pendant.


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May 18, 2019
Thanks for sharing many fun ways to wear it.
And I love your chocolate crocodile B, so beautiful :heart: :heart:
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Aug 2, 2007
From top to bottom -

1/ worn as it is...

2/ worn with plate sideways

3/ used to easily close the kelly instead of using the two straps (which can get fiddly)

4/ taken apart to see the parts you can use as you please and with other items in your collection

5/ used as a bag charm

6/ use your own chain with the pendant locks

7/ use the strap with the mors scarf ring as pendant

8/ use with the plate only as a necklace

9/ protect the plaque on your birkin from scratches when used with the bag charm

10/ give your kelly an edgy/different look...and so on...

If you have other ideas let me know. Feel free to post your own photos and ideas too.

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