ThE mAnY ShaDes of bLeU!

  1. it started with an email from my SA.

    should i or shouldnt i :confused1:. that was my mantra for the past week.
  2. And?????

    What shades of blue do we have/are we considering?????
  3. Yes.... What?
  4. Yum we positively LOVE Bleu!
  5. DH surprised me again this time. vday has come and gone and i didnt get a single rose bud or candy from him.

    remember my SA's email? he knew i was wanting something blue and that email was translated to a quick decision by him before i can do anything!

    and how did i find out? he made me wash his scrubs (to be sent for alterations) in the middle of the night the day after valentine's day - and there it was, a small orange box on top of our blue kenmore washing machine to make up for my no-flowers, no-card, no-candies, no-teddy bear valentine's day!

    P.S. 4,000 POST!
  6. love it! pics pics pics!
  7. here are the pics emailed by my SA :



    as you can see, its hard to resist it's pretty color! its like cornflower sapphire! btw, its lizard bleu brighton with palladium 25 kelly.
  8. And.........what was it!!!!!!! So exciting!!! obvious cross post!!!
  9. oh My!!! I Said, "oh My"!!!!!!!
  10. Oh my,,,she is breathtaking!!
  11. and here she is at home :


    the color just varies from light to dark. its like blue with purple undertones. and in light, it looks like bleu jean as seen in the picture below :

  12. OMG I thought you said SMALL BOX!!!!!!!! That is a rare beauty!!!!! look at that color Brighton bleu lizard!!!!!I am speechless!!!!! The reflection off it is unbelievable!!! Congratulations pazT!!!!!!
  13. Pazt that is a beautiful bag and a sweet story, what a great DH!
  14. About time you did an official unveiling of that stunning bag! I saw it in the reference section much earlier.

  15. Congratulations!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!