The many faces of Lindsay Lohan

  1. [​IMG]
  2. No offense Alice, but LL makes me hurl to begin with -
  3. lol! agreed.
  4. I can't see it.
  5. Me either...
  6. I think the whole lot of them (Lindsay, Paris, etc.) are TOTALLY over-exposed! They all need to crawl under a rock for a bit, re-group, get their acts together and then let's see who has staying power (Paris DOESN'T GET MY VOTE!!!).
  7. I kinda like Nicole Richie, though. She's so different now than when she was on TV. She seems so reserved, I wonder if she is allowing herself to express her real personality...
  8. Those make me dizzy! lol...
  9. Are we the only ones?
  10. I can't see!!
  11. no!
  12. My uncle is a limo driver. He drove paris,and LL. He said Paris was smoking weed in the limo,with her leng completly open..(shes probably used to it lol).Also Lindsay wanted him to drive her to starbucks,and she MADE him park in the exit entrance to drop her off...she is stupid.A week later she got into a car accident he wasnt suprised..she doesnt know how to drive.. lol
  13. i wanna see the pic :sad2:
  14. LOL!! I'm not surprised!! Has your uncle ever driven any other famous beeyatchs?
  15. She may appear reserved but she also comes off (IMO) as really dumb.