The Manor Arrived

  1. Sigh...I'm not so giddy any more.
    Before I call Burberry - I just wanted to throw it out here to see what you ladies think.

    Let me explain my experience thus far.

    I ordered the bag online at 6:00 on a Friday morning. The bag didn't ship until the following Wednesday. I felt like that was a bit too long.

    It arrived today and I feel that the color is nothing like the color of the bag I saw in the Burberry store last year - and nothing like the color on their website.

    Also, in between the lock and Burberry logo - the leather is puckered/buckled.

    The bag is truly gorgeous otherwise, but much more of a fire-engine red than a burgundy.

    If you go to the site - and do a close-up of the picture, you can clearly see the colors are not similar.

    I'm going to attach some pictures (I hope I am, anyway - I'm not too experienced with this. Please let me know your thoughts.)

  2. Sorryto hear that- I know how excited you were to get it. But I agree that there is no way that's burgundy- definitely a bright red.
  3. i actually like the bright red more than the burgundy. more of a spring color but if you don't like it and youre not happy with it, you should return it.
  4. To each their own for sure. If I were looking for fire-engine red, this would be it. I was looking for more of a fall/winter bag.

    I guess I was looking to see if anyone else felt there was a substantial difference between the bag I received and the burgundy color shown on the website.

    Thanks for your thoughts and replies.
  5. I def agree that the color looks off. It is a beautiful bag, but it is not burgundy. Do you think you may still keep it-but file a complaint regarding the color?
  6. I just spoke with customer service and, unfortunately, it was another relatively unpleasant experience. I'm pretty certain that the Manor only comes in Burgundy, Black, White/Off White (and perhaps another color or two I can't recall right now). But I'm thinking maybe they DO make a red and a burgundy. She had no knowledge of this.

    They're sending me a return label, and they're going to have someone check the bins to see if they can come up with a better color - and someone will get back to me within SEVEN days. They do not do exchanges, so they must return this bag and I will need to purchase another bag.

    Since I purchased it via the private sale - that sounds like it's going to be another ordeal in itself. Manager needs to approve - authroization numbers are involved, etc., etc.

    The red is a lot of fun. But - to me (and this is just me) it's SO red that it almost 'cheapens' the look of the bag. This was really my dream bag - and it absolutely doesn't have the vibe I anticipated it would. (If that makes any sense.)

    I have to say - this really hasn't been the best experience from beginning to end.

    (Sorry for the long rant.) :crybaby:
  7. It comes in a color Burberry calls "Oxblood" which is a deep burgundy... maybe the color you were hoping for? It was a limited edition color though, and I don't think there are any more available in stores. I've been trying to post pics of my Oxblood manor and can't because they are too large...but I will keep trying.

    I bought mine at the Burberry store in NYC and they told me it was limited edition, and that I was buying the last one available, but who knows? the sales people there definitely are aware of the color. Maybe call that store and see what they can tell you?
  8. Oh, one more thing... the quality on my bag is amazing. The flaw on the bag they sent you is unacceptable imho. I would definitely make an issue of the quality; you paid way too much to get a less than perfect bag!
  9. Oxblood sounds gorgeous. Please post a pix if you can. It's possible that there could be an error and they have the oxblood pictured on the site but listed as "burgundy". Did you check out the link I added to my original purse? Is that the color of your bag? Because it sure is the color I wanted - and they list it as burgundy (which is what I ordered.)
  10. I agree 100%. Were you able to see the 'puckering' in the picture that I posted? I can see, quite clearly, when I zoom the bag on the website that it's not supposed to look like that. I feel like this is a bad dream from the word 'go'. The shipping, the color, the defect, the bad customer service, the hassle for the return/reorder.

    I hate to sound like the Prophet of Doom, but this has been extremely disappointing. I can't fathom how their customer service people can know so little, and be so unapologetic, when people are paying so much money for a quality product.

    Okay....I think I'm finished ranting now.
    Maybe. :rolleyes:
  11. Oh I am so sorry this happened to you. That is a magnificent bag but not loving the color at all. I can relate - nothing like ordering something and being all excited to get it and then being disappointed. I think I have learned it's much better to buy a bag in person. Good luck with everything.
  12. I know. And I do agree. My husband and I were going to go to the store in Atlantic City, but then I got the private sale link and it was such an amazing deal (about $700 off the original price) I couldn't pass it up. I would never have done it if I didn't meet the bag in person late last year - and I remember loving it so much.

    Actually, we were just talking about making a trip down to Atlantic City on Sunday so I can see if I can find it again in person.

    I would definitely doubt my memory - but my memory is so much like the color on the website, I can't doubt it for once. :wtf:
  13. I actually like the bright red more than burgandy. But I can see how you would be upset!! The red is gorgeous tho!