The Manhattanites' Society

  1. With so many people getting it these days, I thought it was high time there was a club dedicated to one of the Monogram Canvas line's classiest and most elegant styles: the Manhattan :biggrin:.

    So ladies, post your Manhattan GMs and PMs here:wlae:!

    I'll start with both my Manhattans :love::

  2. :yahoo: Here's mine
  3. Oh YAY!!! I want to join, I just got my Manhattan PM, the manhattans are such classy bags!! :love:
    manhattan pm3.JPG crook of arm2.JPG
  4. Oohhh... you girls are killing me here!! :death: I need a manhattan PM!! :hysteric::p
  5. ^ Get one and join us!!!!:sneaky:
  6. mines!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
    DSC05049 (2).JPG DSC05050 (2).JPG DSC05052 (2).JPG DSC05053 (2).JPG DSC05603a.jpg
  7. Ooh... stop tempting me! :wtf: I'm on a purse ban until March 2007. :push::p
  8. O Irissy :p You can make one exception to the purse ban. ;) ....I'm a bad bad influence aren't I? :lol: After all, March is only technically 2 mths away. Dec 29 - Mar 1........two mths. ;)
  9. i'm gonna be a member soon!!!! just waiting for my gm to come home to mama!!!
  10. ITA...:graucho: We are such a bad influence but the Manhattan is SO WORTH IT!!!:yahoo: But ok, if you gotta wait till March then thats ok, but get her then and join us:heart:
  11. ^^ Oh gosh, all these pressures... :p:graucho:
  12. sophia, your daughter is the cutest thing playing around with that Manhattan!
  13. Great club! Here's mine:


    I swear... I could stare at Manhattan's ALL DAY!
  14. new to the club~
  15. mimico11384, your baby is so cute! (so is your manhattan...!)