The Mandarin Speedy 25 is mine!

  1. Thank you all for your input. Just had it authenticated by Carol@mypoupette and she said its good to go! Here are some mroe pics - what do you guys think? $530 a good deal?
    mandarin1.jpg mandarin2.jpg mandarin3.jpg mandarin4.jpg
  2. Loriw,

    Awesome deal! That's a great price. The bag looks so cheerful. Enjoy!
  3. Very nice and an excellent deal! I paid $630 for my epi black 30. Congratulations!!!
  4. Very beautiful!!! That color is TDF, but I think it would look better without the cell phone strap.
  5. :love: :love: :love:

    It's beautiful! What a deal. I'm jealous :P Congrats!
  6. I like the Mandarin congrats!
  7. Gorgeous! Are you going to carry it with the cell phone case on the outside?
  8. the cell phone case doesn't come with it, lol, he just put it there for pics and was selling it separately! Isn't it gorgeous - can't wait. I went today to the LV store to make sure I loved the Mandarin and I do - its to die for! She tried REALLY HARD to get me to buy one there and did say that they were getting harder and harder to find!!
  9. Awesome bag, I was looking at that auction on Ebay.. Great choice!
  10. thanks - it had ended but I emailed and asked if it was still available. Nice guy and I hope it looks as good in person - I'll post pics when it arrives!
  11. congrats! i love that color :smile: i can't wait to see pics once you get it!
  12. Love that bag.
  13. Congrats, loriw! I just got the same bag (for a similar great deal on ebay) about a month ago. I love it, but I was having doubts since I don't carry it too often. Your threads have made me love mine more now. So, thank you! I was actually contemplating selling it to pay for a cerises speedy - not anymore!
  14. I *love* this color! Enjoy!
  15. wow! great price!