The Mall - Italian outlet

  1. During the Christmas holidays I visited The Mall, an outlet just outside Florence. They have a large Tod's shop and I was eager to score some hard-to-find bag (such as the purple Goa). Unfortunately, even if they have a large selection, nothing was available in purple. FYI, they have some very nice snakeskin bag at interesting prices, but no G-bags or D-restyled. I am posting some photos.... should have bought the bauletto in red (hard to find) but I was looking forward to buying something else..:tdown:
    themall.jpg tods1.jpg tods2.jpg tods3.jpg tods4.jpg
  2. Woww!!!!!:drool:
    From the pics you posted I liked most of
    But if you didn't fancy anything you made the right decision not to buy.
    Maybe who knows they will get some more stock soon.
  3. More photos, and a brown Goa...
    goa_brown.jpg snakeskin.jpg tods5.jpg

  4. well... now that I am looking at the photos I do feel a little regret... but it's too late - still, I might go back before th end of the year :graucho:
  5. I went to The Mall when I was in Lucca in June. I wasn't too impressed by the prices and merchandise at the various stores, except for Tod's. I got 2 bags, some scarves, and my husband got two pairs of Hogan sneakers, a wallet, and belt. Tod's and Gucci were the only stores with decent prices and selection in our experience.
  6. ugh! Been to Florence twice and was dying to go both times! :hysteric:
  7. OMG deirregi! I wish I could go, I'm going to Rome for 2 weeks in May but not Florence. Do you know if there are any tods outlets near Rome??? I potsed a thread erlier asking this question, but no one responded. Any info would be much appreciated
  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing! Would love to go there sometime!
  9. Unfortunately Tod's outlets are hard to come by in Italy. This one is the only one I heard about, although somebody mentioned another one near the Tod's factory, in Sant'Elpidio a Mare (which is a small village near Macerata). FYI, Macerata is slightly closer than Florence to Rome, but not so close..... Wish you good luck anyway
  10. Yes, I totally agree with you. Actually, I went only because of the Tod's shop, which was the only one I was interested in. I was also curious about Bottega Veneta, but they did not have nice bags there. However, I bought a fabulous pair of shoes ;)

    Anyway, would not reccomend, unless you're a Tod's fan (or Gucci - but myself not so much) ... the Armani shop was a real dump, Burberry was too crowded and selling second choice items... maybe something nice at Valentino (but not my size) :tdown:
  11. We are waiting over at the BV sub forum for pictures of these shoes!!!:whistle:
  12. Thanks deirregi! I may try to take the train to Florenece and then use shuttle or taxi to the mall. We'll decide when I am there. Thank you again for the information.:smile:
  13. OK, :graucho: but won't have time before the weekend
  14. dierregi, thank you so much for posting the pics. To see these lovely bags all together is so exciting!

    A little drop of bitterness to me: The Mall near by Florence was my last hope to find this New Eight bag in umber brown pebbled leather. It's hopeless. :sad:
  15. thxx soo much for the picsss they look soo FAB
    BTW How much for the men tods loafers at this outlet? Do u happen to know