The Mall in Tuscany

  1. Is it worth the trip?
  2. honestly no. I've been there a couple of times and i was never able to find anything cute.
    there was a gucci wallet but it was 700$!
  3. i have been there twice and it is heaven on earth. i think of myself as a bargain hunter and know prices of designer goods and how much they are discounted at Neimans and Saks during last call and final cut sales and it is a dream.

    the ferragamo outlet at the mall carries similar items that outlets in the US have but depending on the exchange rate of the euro, could be cheaper or much cheaper as to buying from the US outlets.

    there were several handbags, a nice collection of exotics, lots of shoes and clothing.

    if you go during august or december/summer, the stores at the outlet have sales...on top of the already low prices.

    to give you an idea on pricing this wallet at Neimans for $410 was about $125 but not everything is discounted this low.
  4. I didn't see anything good at Ferragamo stuff when I was there, but the YSL was pretty fab!
  5. hey everyone! i'm going to be going in two weeks to italy just wanted to bump this thread to see if anyone can tell me the price points on ferragamo stuff :smile:
    do they have flats here???

    and i know this is a ferragamo thread - but can anyone tell me about the discounts at other stores - such as Alexander McQueen? I'm going for a week, but I am only in Florence for 2 days - is it worth the 45 minute trip to go?
  6. Personal experience, notin tat caught my eye at ferragamo. The more impressive one was tods..nice loafers in a huge variety of colours. Prada wasn't tat bad too. I think it depends on ur luck n Wat u r lookin for. My frens managed to buy lotsa goodies from the mall but I didn't..
  7. Do not bother going! Total waste of time!
  8. I just came back a week ago. I made all of purchases at Prada (wasn't my intention). The Mall itself wasn't what I expected. I agree that Tod's also had a nice selection.
  9. I was there last month and only picked up a men's wallet or my husband at Ferragamo. There was a good selection of scarves but I didn't find anything I like. I didn't check out Prada because we were at Space before heading to The Mall.
  10. Well, I was there last week and managed to get a pair of classic item!

  11. They are gorgeous. Can you tell me how much you paid for them?