The Malaysian Club!

  1. Ohhh too bad dear..ohhh really too bad ..BUT I m serious ..if I can see a lindy i like from Seoul dutyfree..i look it! buy first suffer later:lol::lol::lol:

  2. OH DEAR..Johnny really divorcing her wife????? Oh what a waste....such a lovely couple
  3. should I just start unpacking instead of forcing self to sleep?
  4. which johnny? johnny depp?
  5. yeah..has rumors weeks ago but today news said they are splitting sad and I like them.

    Do you really want to unpack now? I am starting cookin ..STEW today:graucho: will on and off read what happening ya...

  6. dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  7. Johnny Depp's partner only..not married!!
  8. My holiday's retreat, away from public!
  9. Lake just across my holiday's retreat. Community CNY's gathering tonight!! Free dinner! I can smell Satay from here. Music pingpingpongpong already!!
  10. kak managed to get from Seoul & can claim tax..not bad..u'll be million won..lor. If u can get, just buy & we suffer the bills later...together...
  11. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:oh we join the same club POKAI CLUB:biggrin::biggrin:
    Actually, there are some dutyfree shop inside Seoul that only for tourists and we can shop all we want inside there but we cannot take our purchase after buying ..same like Honolulu. The shop ppl will send our purchase to our boarding gate to I have choices to score one and apparently, seoul duty is really cheap:graucho::graucho: Die la

  12. Eh..not married yet meh..sorry thot already:biggrin:

  13. R u going with DH or alone? At our age, better 'fulfill' our needs..lor..
  14. With another HKG housewife and she still uncertain can go or not. But if she cant go, then I follow her to HKG la:graucho::graucho:you think H HKG expensive?