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  1. jumbo caviar MYR12,780
  2. Thanks jwdn. So the increase will be RM 1,110 for Jumbo Caviar.

    To Alice, saw your new purchase ( pink Degrade) on other thread. It is indeed a true beauty. Congrats !
  3. Dear jwdn or other tpf-er ! Any idea how much does a Cavair GST cost- after the increase ?

  4. Medium/Large Classic Flap MYR 11,210 (both caviar and lambskin)

    No price increase for Grand Shopper Tote ! MYR 8,920

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    Hi Kimlion, thanks for ur kind words! :biggrin:

    Here r few pics to share with u all. I missed out this beauty from 09C collection coz I just started my Chanel addiction lately...haha! Luckily I was able to score one in a brand new condition! Hope u all enjoy the pics!

    My small but growing family...
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    At least the price increased in KL was not as massive as Europe!

    Last week, I was trying to get a reissue 226 in matte black shw, jumbo caviar shw (black/white/beige) and a mini black caviar shw from London b4 the price increase but... they were all sold out!!!! :shocked:
  7. wow a lot to catch up :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  8. hi everyone, i'm a malaysian & live in KL. Jz came back from Paris last month and wanna share with u guys my new collection :smile:
    chanel 001.jpg chanel 007.jpg chanel 008.jpg chanel 010.jpg
  9. Anyone knows abt the PTT price in Malaysia?
  10. does the chanel in malaysia have sales like those in the US?
  11. ednakhoo, u got a unique collection, may i know what's the size of the black flap and what style is that?
  12. hi foonyy, thanks :smile:

    the black flap is from the paris-shanghai comes in 3 sizes, small/medium/large, mine is small
  13. i thought lambskin would be a bit higher than caviar.
  14. you have a great collection :biggrin:

  15. i really love this one :nuts: