The Makeup Counter...

  1. I have a fancy dinner gathering with friends coming up...I'm looking for the perfect outfit, hair style and makeup. I'm thinking of getting my makeup applied...has anyone tried the infamous mall/dept store makeup counters to get application done? I've tried it once with CHANEL..turned out okay... and once more with MAC -- but I ended up looking like an asian dragqueen!~

    I know with most applications you have to purchase some products...which is fine because I need to stock up on some new winter colors...anyone with any great experiences at these makeup counters? Suggestions? I just want a nice fresh look... :graucho:
  2. I personally hate having the SAs at any makeup counter touching my face but that's just me. I think if you go to Chanel or MAC or whatever and just tell them how you want to look they can help you out. I got my makeup done for me at Clinique once and really liked how they did it.
  3. I suggest going to MAC:smile:

    Good luck! I bet you are going to look gorgeous:smile:
  4. i suggest bobbi brown or stila mac is way to dramatic (even when u stress that u want a natural look)
  5. woo...bobbi brown and stila...I have yet to try... Thanks for the tip! :biggrin:
  6. i like finding someone who's makeup i like and having them do it. even if they're not wearing colors i'd choose, their application is good, you know? then i bring pictures or have a "look" in mind (40s glam, beachy, flushed, etc). they're usually really good about talking with me about it, then recreating what i want with a few fresh ideas. :smile:

    i like laura mercier and bobbi brown personally. their colors are more my style. not a fan of MAC...too much attitude (in both the makeup and the SAs. NOT a fan.)
  7. MAC is a bit much for me too. i'd go for Bobbi Brown or Stila or maybe NARS?
  8. In the latest issue of Allure or Lucky there is a section of the best makeup counters. Hopefully you are near a large city.
  9. When I go to Chicago I always have this lady at MAC do my makeup...She makes my eyes look amazing! I love her! I like to do my own blush and lipstick.
  10. Out of curiosity, which did they say were the best? I was going to make an appointment at Nars, any good word on them? mostly I just want someone who knows what they're doing...which is not the case at the Benefit counter from my experience.
  11. choices have now narrowed to Bobbi Brown, Stila..and maybe even Nars? I'm in most likely I'll be heading to SCP. Is it better to go to the individual store like Stila..or just go to Nordstroms where they have em all? Anyone tried getting it done at Sephora? hmmmm....oh, and do you girls know how each brand works? i.e. price, or item amount to buy..etccc?
  12. I don't remember. For Beverly Hills, it's Chanel on Rodeo Dr (I think)....

    I liken NARS to be a less dramatic MAC, but it's still on the extreme side....
  13. Bobbi Brown is great! I love her stuff...especially her foundations and powders.

    In my experience, MAC is awesome--you just have to stress that you do not want to be too made up. I think that it depends alot on which makeup artist you get:smile:

    You could call in advance and see if there are any guys/girls who work there that are great at doing a more natural look.

    Have fun!! :smile:
  14. I personally don't wear a ton of make-up, but I don't want to be too plain either. I guess you just really have to tell them what you want.
  15. Cool I was at the Chanel on Rodeo a week ago today!:heart:
    It's really more about which SA you get than which counter/brand you visit.
    But Bobbi Brown is notorious for a fresh, natural approach. Chanel isn't too dramatic unless you want it but they seem very focused on full coverage to me.
    MAC is ALL about color, and lots of it!