The main section of my Money ripped!

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  1. The title says it all. Now that I checked, it actually ripped on both sides, where the fold is.

    Has anyone had this happened before? I'm a bit miffed that such an expensive wallet could be so easily broken.
  2. Gosh, no mine is intact and it's from 2006... sorry I can't help. Can you post pics?
  3. OMG when did you get it? If it's new you should bring it back to the store or call Bal to see if they can fix/replace it.
  4. WHA? thats not good. What year and season is this wallet from?
  5. yes yes. pics please!
  6. Oh no, I sure hope Bal can fix it ... I actually just had my SA set one aside for me. Hope this isn't a common thing. It'll be my first Bal wallet:confused1:
  7. Yikes!! What happened?? Was there some sort of defect with the wallet? Can you post pictures?

    Hope you can get it fixed. :flowers:
  8. How long have you had the wallet?

    How stuffed is it?

    Can you post photos?
  9. Lordy how awful..that fault must be in your particular wallet, as several have had them for years, and I know how harshly mine is treated and it still looks new..Please keep us updated..hugs..
  10. I'm going to take pictures as soon as I get home from school on the weekend.

    I bought it from Bluefly and now I'm wondering if it was fake. Ugh, I hope not!
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about that! Was it a regular hw money or giant hw? This is truly disturbing! Let us know more details!