the mailman was nice today!!!

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  1. He brought me my presents to myself.

    An original wallet with the dalek qee and a pirata ciao ciao.

    I didn't realize how large the ciao ciao is, my roommate has one but it actually fits my laptop horizontally!!!

    I think my timbuk2 work bag just got downgraded!
  2. congratulations! :yahoo:
    and we need to see pix!!!
  3. aw thanks, as soon as the pirate qee comes! I love it already i'm sitting on my couch staring at it. haha. i need help. :sad:
  4. yay! it's always fun to get presents in the mail. Show us pics when you get everything :tup:

    Hey, there's some new smileys!
  5. Yay new bags!!! congrats socprof!! It's always nice to get presents from yourself :yes:
  6. :death: hehe these are fun and if i shop anymore that lil smiley is coming to get me!!!

    tokidokiangel- hehe. someone has to love me, even it is me and my own bank account! hahahaha
  7. where'd you get the original denaro? I saw one on LJ but I was too slow :sad:

  8. on lj. now i need things on ebay to sell so i can afford an original bag of some sort!

    i'm sorry if i ever grow tired of it i'll let you know!
  9. socprof - lol i know what you mean ... i buy all my own toki cuz I love me sooo much ... hahaha

    I'm sure if my bf and I were still together he'd never buy me any toki ... he was so ... what's another word for cheap? lol Heck he never bought me anything ... couldn't even remember my b-day! :cursing:

  10. awww! well good thing he is gone then!
    the last one i dated thought it was stupid...the one before that didn't but lets just say i made like triple what he made so alas i fund my own toki until i find a tokiprince!
  11. ahh if you find a tokiprince.. can I have one too? :biggrin:

  12. heck yes! i will pass them out. boys who like toki and are straight looks like i'm searching for 3. I might as well find 4 so I can have one on standby.
  13. hah i want a toki prince!! :lol: ive been buying all my tokis bags myself! least you dont have them giving you a :lecture: :lol:
  14. okay everyone who wants a prince we'll find them somehow...someway...hehe.
  15. haha. My bf thinks it is funny that an Italian dude came up with all this. He likes some of the characters though.