The Mailman just delivered my FIRST WORK! *Pics*

  1. Well, I just received my first Work and I got a Sandstone! I love the color because it goes with about everything! I actually thought it would be bigger but I'm glad it's the size it is so I don't feel like it's too big for everyday use. I'll post modeling pics tomorrow.

  2. Very pretty! Congratulations. :smile:
  3. super gorgeous!!!! that color is so awesome and the leather looks TDF - congrats!!
  4. Beautiful!! You are building up an incredible WAREHOUSE of gorgeous B-bags!!!
  5. Gorgeous!! :drool::drool:

    I really love the Sandstone color, and its looked great on every single style I've seen it in!! I was a little hesitant at first to get it for fear of it being too "basic", but now I'm really glad I did- because even though its "neutral", it definately has character!! :yes:

    Congrats!! Its lovely!
  6. Yeah!!! It's're going to love this size. Congrats! :yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae:
  7. I know!:roflmfao: If I could just sell as fast as I buy!
  8. :yahoo:OMG!!!!!! It's beautiful!!! Congrats!!!:yahoo:The work isn't really soooo big~ you'll get used to it right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. MRG, I love the color & leather of your bag :drool::drool::drool:. It's so gorgeous.
  10. aw congrats - fab colour and great bag. I love my work so much, so versatile.
  11. Oh, it's so pretty!! The leather is amazing. Congrats!
  12. OMG!! Love it. Congrats.:yahoo:
  13. Congrats! She's beautiful. Sandstone leather always makes me:drool: Great choice for your first work!
  14. Thanks madiandcindy, lordguinny, secret_shopaholic, Virtual Shopper, zacorey, cracker, Bags4Bubbles, KristyDarling, nicole2730 and lindalou!

    cracker - I decided against the other Work because something just didn't add up so now I'm on the hunt for another one!:graucho:

    Bags4Bubbles - I know I think this color is the most versatile color I have and I don't think it's plain at all! Now we are Sandstone Twins!:yahoo:
  15. Beautiful color, Congrats!