The mailman brought me something from Zappos today!! :)

  1. I don't typically post here since I don't have as fabulous shoes as the rest of you do, but I have to share the new pair of shoes that I got in the mail today from :yes: I'm trying to get into wearing more healed-shoes, so that I'm not constantly walking around in flat shoes that make me feel like an elephant when I'm walking.

    I have a wide foot so I often have problems finding pretty shoes that will fit my foot comfortably, but these pair that I bought on Zappos are perfect! They're from a company called Lifestride. I've never heard of them, but they had quite a number of shoes in wide widths that were very pretty and pretty affordable.

    Either way! Here's the pictures :smile:

    From the Zappos website:


    When I got them:


    On my foot. Excuse the torn skin...I fell and the leather from one of my shoes ripped my skin and I needed to let it get some air so that it healed faster :smile: Excuse my swollen feet and ankles :biggrin:


    They're also padded on the inside, which will make them much more comfortable than the other heels that I have!
  2. Oh! very-very pretty! and they look comfortable! the heel is not too high! thanks for the pics!:yes:
  3. very cute!
  4. ahhh what a nice postman ;)

    lovely, congrats :biggrin:
  5. They look very nice on you! I love!
  6. Very Cute Congratulations.
  7. Those are super nice! I love all the detail on the straps!
  8. Thank you!! Me too :smile:

    They had a pair in Gold that I realllllly wanted, but they didn't have any left in my size (10Wide) and it had lovely turquoise stones that would have matched perfectly to a pair of Capris that I have. Oh well...Maybe when they're in stock again. There's nothing wrong with having the same pair of shoes in different colors, is there? :nuts:
  9. u, ur feet, looks good in it, great buy =)
  10. I love Zappos too! Those are very cute and look great on. :yes:
  11. Shoes are cute!
  12. Cute-congrats
  13. Cute shoes. I loooove Zappos.