The mail man hates me.

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  1. I checked my mail today hoping against hope that for some unknown reason i would find a PCE card or my replacement purse. NO CARD/NO HANDBAG! That was to be expected, however, my bar exam admission ticket was sitting there waiting on me and I felt ill. I shouldn't have checked my mail today. I did go to the boutique and stare at a black signature Carly and talk to an SA about awesomeness for an hour since nobody else was in the store.

    It never fails, when I go to the mailbox excited I get some life ruining time stamped nightmare, but if I go and just randomly check something fabulous is waiting for me.
  2. I too share your mail woes. I never seem to get mail anymore and it bothers me....
  3. I don't know why, but I am laughing so hard right now! :roflmfao:

    Okay, but seriously, NOT FUNNY that nothing good was waiting for you in the mail. :sad:
  4. I thought I would have gotten a PCE card today too but didn't. My hubby checked the mail so I better doublecheck and make sure he didn't hide it.
  5. It's funny because when life hands you lemons, chatting it up about handbags in paradise (the awesomeness) is always the best way to make lemonade.

    I should have asked her about PCE, I totally forgot when we started talking about handbags and energy law. You know, those things go together so well.
  6. I kind of know what you mean.

    When I got home from my week in California, I had a Coach envelope waiting on me. I got all excited thinking that maybe finally they would start sending me the PCE cards to the correct address, but nope, it was just a thank you note from Coach for the last bag I purchased. It was a let down. :sad:

    Why is getting a bar exam admission ticket a bad thing? *just curious*
  7. Not so much a bad thing, I just didn't want to see it. I just thought, booooooo. Thats the only word I could think of. "Boo!" It's not saying I'm admitted, it's saying, "you have paid your gazillion dollars to sit for this test, have fun with your two days of misery, we appreciate your payment." oh and "don't bring anything to drink, no water, booze, etc."

    I just wanted a PCE card more than I wanted that ticket today. Now the admission ticket is going to be worth alot more to me in the long run, but for today a PCE card would have made me happy!
  8. last time i got my PCE card and phone call REALLY late, like a day or two before the event started so dont worry too much, the event starts the 9th and you can always ask an SA to give you the discount.
  9. Ahh okay, I get it. I was just wondering why that was a bummer. I understand now. *L*
  10. Yeah, sometimes you get what you need and not what you want.
  11. I can understand - if I want a special package to be there, it's never there. When I don't expect anything, I get a surprise. Hope you get your something special in the mail soon. :smile: