~~ The Magenta Club ~~

  1. My favorite color!!

  2. OMG burukogepanda :nuts: I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your magenta coin purse :heart: :drool:! Just BREATHTAKING :yahoo:!

    Thank you so much for posting and for start this thread :love:

    I've had a magenta city and a day already, but sold both :sad: ! Now I'm getting the LE magenta city with RH in August :p

    In only have still a picture from my (sold) day:

    magenta day_IMG.jpg
  3. FC- I didn't know you sold your Magenta Day! Did you order one of the LE city bags? Did you have any of the accesories?
  4. Shasta sweety :heart: UNFORTUNATELY I don't have magenta accessories yet :crybaby:, but I'm still looking on finding a coin purse (never loose hope) ;)! And 'YES', I've ordered the LE magenta city with RH :yes: I'm so excited to get it in approx. 2 months :yahoo:
  5. Lovely Magenta Bal Girls :drool: !!!

    And...Here is my First:heart:
  6. Look at the leather and color of this beauty!! I too ordered the LE magenta, can't wait to get it in 2 months :yahoo:
  7. Fromparis your magenta first is Gorgeeeous!!! Soo mint and I really love the layer of shine. I sold my magenta first on eBay, looking at your bag I so miss her now :crybaby:
  8. Here are mine. :heart:

  9. :drool: rollergirl I need to get a collection like that :yahoo:

  10. WOW :nuts: totally agree :drool::yahoo:buruko..... !
    rollergirl : your magentas are TDF :tup: I'm speechless !
    I'll get a magenta work next days, can't wait for it ! Will post it as soon as it's arrived :yes:
  11. You'll love the work! I had to remind myself of that so I would cancel my Magenta city order. Though I still think it's a totally different bag with GH. :yes:

  12. fromparis I'm in :heart: with your First! Your photo really represents this color well.......absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!:love:
  13. LOVE, love, love your mu clutch!!!! I am so kicking myself for passing up one I saw on eBay several months ago..........:crybaby: I haven't seen one since. Yours is perfect and goes so well with your Work. :love:
  14. Love this thread girls, keep the pics coming for all of us waiting in desperation for our LE magentas to arrive. BTW RollerGirl- GORGEOUS!
  15. I love this thread- it's so bold and girlie!! I have a magenta First and hope to add a boobie and coin purse -buruko you are my magenta idol!