The madonna and scream recovered!

  1. Yesterday the police recovered Munch's famous paintings - the scream and the madonna! They've been missing for over two years after a robbery of the Munch museum in Oslo, but yesterday they were found again :yahoo: I'll just link to the wikipedia-article for a better overview here . I'm kinda happy as these are national treasures, so it's really nice to see that they're back.
  2. oh wow sweet that is great! The Scream is by far my most favorite piece of art!
  3. Cool. I love the scream myself, and it is sooo beautiful in person! I hope it's back in the museum by the time I get back from russia after christmas.
    A funny trivia is that a commercial for M&M claims that they will give out a 2 million M&Ms finders fee to whoever got the paintings back, and rumours says that a guy convicted of another robbery has tipped them off, so now papers are writing about the fact that he will get 400 000 bags of M&M and how he's gonna fit them in his cell. lol
  4. Fabulous news!
  5. i feel like a dunce

    i didn't even know they were missing in the first place.
  6. great news!!!!! :yahoo:
  7. It's horrible when pieces of art get lost forever! Thank God the museum was able to get them back!

    I remember when the Taliban was in charge in Afghanistan and they blew up these really old Buddhist statues that were in Afghanistan.

    Since the Taliban ruled that Islam be the only religion they wanted to destroy the sculptures.

    Many many museums offered to take the statues, but they just went ahead and blew them up. My mom was SO upset at the time (and rightly so!)
  8. Why would anyone in their right mind steal a famous painting? It would be such a hot item, even black market traders would be too scared to purchase.
  9. I can't believe it's been two years since the paintings were stolen. I'm glad they weren't damaged badly.
  10. That's great news! I'd love to see them in a museum someday and was bummed that they were stolen, especially the scream one.
  11. The police suspected that someone had hired the robbers to take just those two, but since the paintings still were in their posessions two years later, that's obviously not the case. I don't really understand why anybody wanted to steal them either, but maybe they wanted to steal it to claim ransom (although nobody did) or hope that they'd get less hot over the years and then be able to sell them for a profit.
    Oh well, I guess they're ready for display when I get back to Norway after christmas, so then I'm gonna go straight to Oslo for the new LV butique and the Much museum :supacool: