the MADE IN FRANCE club!

  1. for those who have luckily stumbled onto these seemingly elusive items or searched high and low because its special to us.. this clubs for you!
  2. :love: because it's azur & my 1st LV :yes:
    Azur Speedy 25.JPG
  3. Hi! Is this club meant for LV bags made in france? Sorry for sounding so silly. :smile:
  4. ^anything made in france, just like the made in the usa club, silly i know, but just for fun
  5. I'm going to join soon!
  6. Oh ok! Ive been collecting lvs for more than a decade and thought all was made in france. Its just recently when I started lurking in here that I found out some were made in usa too. My lvs have always been made in france. Is there really a difference though? I guess I havent bought any lv item in the US yet. All have been bought in LV stores in asia and paris.
  7. no difference in quality, but for some it just adds soemthing special since it is a french luxury brand, kwim?
  8. yup! I second that! :tup:
  9. i'm a colector of france made pieces. i dont want it if it's made in USA, but i fear if i order a neverful from elux, it's gonna be made here...
  10. I suppose I'm kind of cheating because the only LV thats closest to me is from France :p
  11. YAY!! im in im in...i sound silly but my cherise pochette is from paris and i live in nyc:yahoo:
  12. Feels really good to carry a French designer bag thats made in France! :wlae:
  13. I collect country of origin product only. My mini pochette Azur is made in France. With the exception of LE pieces all else will be returned or better yet I won't bother to collect anymore.
  14. ^^^^

    ALL of my LV is made in France. I just can't bring myself to carry one that says "LV Paris, made in usa" !!
  15. all 3 of my pochettes are from france. ill try to get pics.

    ive got the CB pink, CB brown and multicolore white.

    i dont love the non-made in france ones any less because they are made in the usa. if anything im glad it means that LV made more jobs for ppl in the US.