The Macy's in my mall is selling a Porta for $108!

  1. That's right... $108! I went into the Toki section today because I have to walk through there to leave the mall where my bus stop is (I was on my way home from my college but I had to run to the bank in the mall), and I saw a L'Amore porta, but they had it priced at $108! It was 40% off, so with tax it was $72, but when I tried explaining to the SAs that it should be priced at $84 normally, one of them was nice about it, but the other was brushing me off, saying that it was a Toki so it has to be expensive, so I turned and showed off my pirata zucca and said that I know, lol.

    Then she was saying that its more expensive because its a summer piece, so I was like "wtf?", and when I asked if I brought in the page from LeSportsac's website with the new portas with the price on it, if she would adjust it for me, she said no, but the SA that was nice to me said yes! I wound up buying it anyway, totally on impulse which I should not have done (I need that money to pay for a new copy of my education textbook because mine came badly misprinted), and now I'm going to return it, but is there a way that I can get the price adjusted? It isn't right that they're selling it for that much when every other store is selling them (well the new prints) for $84.
  2. Maybe show them a print out of the L'Amore Porta that's on
  3. Maybe they put the wrong tag (like a canguro or bambino) on it - I noticed the tag on one of my Tokis from Macy's said Campeggio when it clearly wasn't.
  4. They only had one, and it had no tag on it, and everyone there was insisting that its $108. I saw it there last week, and it had a tag, but it wasn't a LSS tag, it was one of those thin paper ones that they put on bags when the real tag gets ripped off, and there wasn't a tag inside of it.

    lisalala, I'll try that, but the SA that was brushing me off said that they don't "price match".

  5. That's total BS. That SA is telling you lies. Demand to speak to a manager! Usually Macy's has like a BIG sign on the register counter that specifically says if you find a price somewhere else that's cheaper, they'll match the price etc etc. So whoever that stupid SA is, she's trying to rip you off!
  6. how wierd my macys had a L'Amore porta for 63$, it was an obvious return but i bought it anyway.

    thats so uncalled for, to brush you off like that, there SA's there job is to serve you not act like pricks
  7. I know the reprinted Macy's tag you're talking about, that's definitely a sign it's been returned. Right below the barcode on those tags and below where it says "YNG ATTITUDE" there should be 12-digit SKU. Check that number out and see if it matches the any of the SKU's on to the Bambinos or Canguros on that thread I linked above, since those are the only styles I know of that are $108.00

    edit to add: Someone returned Porta but wanted to cheat the system and get more money back, so they switched the tag off a Canguro/Bambino they had purchased instead. Pretty crappy thing to do if you ask me, especially since there's no way to prove otherwise if there are no remaining styles left at the store.
  8. That is what I'm thinking... so should I bring in the page from LSS's website with the Portas with the normal price and then ask to talk to a manager tomorrow?

    I'm still thinking about just returning it because I really do need that money for my textbook, it was such a dumb purchase for me to make, and the print placement isn't that great, all of the characters are cut off.
  9. Maybe you should keep it and sell it to someone else who can't get portas. ^^
  10. Well, you have 6 months return policy, so don't worry about that unless you need your textbook ASAP.

    Print the pages from the LeSportsac page and give it a try with the manager. I'm sure it's in there store policy somewhere about selling mistagged merchandise.

    Maybe someone here on TPF with a L'Amore Porta can give you rhe right SKU. Or someone with a Bambino or Canguro can identify the SKU you have with one of their bags, and then you can have Macy's look it up in their system.
  11. I need it ASAP, there are like 5 pages in my book that are misprinted, and my professor gives us a test every week, so I need to get a new copy now.

    I'll go, return it (I want my $72 back!), and try explaining to them that it was probably mistagged. My mall kind of sucks with the mistagging, my mom bought a straw Coach tote, but the SA scanned the wrong tag, the bag had 2 of them in it, and one of them was for a different bag, so she scanned that one and my mom paid $100 more than she was supposed to, and when I saw that the SA had the wrong tag, I pointed it out and she snapped at me! I checked the bag and my mom and I brought it back over and a different SA fixed it, but it took them forever to do it.
  12. You should never accept bad or rude service from Macy's, or really from any retail operation. I'm not saying you should expect servility from the SAs, but even if they are telling you "no" they should be doing so in a nice and polite manner. I worked in retail for almost nine years, and I was unfailingly polite even to the rudest, most abusive customers. Why? Because that's what I was being paid to do.

    Macy's has an online feedback link. You can write to them about the service you've received at a specific store, and you can even indicate by name who was particularly helpful or unhelpful. If you report a bad experience, someone from Macy's corporate will contact you. I use the link mostly to report good experiences and special help from particular SAs, because it's a pretty big deal to corporate when a customer takes the time to write in praise of an employee. But the knife cuts both ways.
  13. Ditto...for a while I loved Nordies because of their customer service and then all my connections moved to different stores and the new crew was less than accomodating. I filled out complaint cards and management did call me this case sounds like you need to go higher up on the food chain:yes: