The Machinist?

  1. Has anyone else seen this movie? I recently watched it on Showtime, and thought I liked it. I like the eerie music and the mystery the movie had... I had to watch it twice to understand it. :p

    Here's some more info on the movie:
  2. It is one of my favorite movies of all time. Christian Bale's performance was amazing. I still cannot get over the amount of weight he lost for that part.
  3. YAY! Thanks for responding! I was thinking no one had seen it. I was also amazed at how much weight he lost!!!! WOW. If he can pull off all of that weight in that amount of time, why can't other people in Hollywood do the same? :shrugs:

    Also: what I meant to say in my first post is: I recently watched it on Showtime, and I loved it! NOT: I recently watched it on Showtime, and thought I liked it.
  4. It was a great movie. The acting was excellent. Christian just looked so ugly in it though. With more weight on he is SUPA SEXY!
  5. Call me weird, but he looked hot to me in the movie. :drool:

    Also, Nicholas looks SOOO familiar... like if I've seen him IRL somewhere? :shrugs:

  6. :wtf: You really found him hot in it? He was sooo skinny and had bags and dark circle under his eyes! :yucky:

    Okay John I am never taking your advice in men ever! LOL :roflmfao:
  7. I did! I have a weird taste... I know. People think I'm crazy for thinking that skinny models are hot.

    That's how skinny I am. Except my ribs aren't as visible as his in the movie.

    LOL. That's ok... you won't need my advice in men anyway since you have a hubby. :graucho:
  8. I watched it once and liked it but think I need to watch it again to really get my head round it!
  9. I enjoyed it. I think I understood it fairly well, but I'd like to see it again.

    Bale did do a great job adapting himself to that role.
  10. I'm so glad I found other people who loved this movie- I was so stunned at Christian Bale's performance and the twist and acting were superb.
    I had just watched CB in Batman Begins before I saw the Machinist so in my eyes he could do no wrong even at 95 pounds;) ....
    He is such a fantastic actor. Remember him in Empire of the Sun when he was like 8 years old?
  11. I loved that movie too! The whole time I was confused about what was going on but one the story started to unravel, everything made sense! I love movies like that and I just watched in awe as the movie ended. It's my all time fav!
  13. I LOVED that movie. He looked VERY scary that skinny. He looks much better as Batman. :love:
  14. I really enjoyed this movie. We have the DVD and on the special features its says that all he ate to lose the weight was an apple and tin of tuna a day. What's amazing tho is after this he made Batman Begins in which, he is totally toned. He's such a dedicated actor. Did you guys know that he's from Wales and never uses his own voice for films/interviews. He always uses a diff accent for each of his film roles!
  15. Ben Affleck should get some pointers from him! :roflmfao: