The *m & m* Club ~ post your mini mini coin purses here ;)

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  1. i just think these little guys are way too cute not to have their own club ~ totally besotted with the mini mini coin :heart:

  2. ohhh sooo cute...will post my ruby one tonight

    can we list also where we purchased ours and the season/colors?
  3. yep, good idea *cali* ~ got mine @ NM Honalulu ~ they had them in black also US$ 295
  4. ^^thanks so prices for these are diff all over i guess?

    i got mine for 235 USD from Bal LA
  5. aww that amethyst is cute! i want a minimini!
  6. I should be joining soon with an amethyst one :heart:
  7. Thanks for creating this thread Viki!
    Your amethyst and argent are so cute! :biggrin:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I love the mini mini coin purse. They are so cute! I can't join the club yet, but hopefully soon. :smile: Viki, I love the argent and amethyst colors. Just beautiful!
  10. These lil' goodies are so adorable :drool:
  11. I can join now!!!

  12. ^ awww just too :cutesy:
  13. here's my 09 framboise m&m!!! i'm so happy to join this club!!!:yahoo::yahoo::heart::drool:
    framboise front shot.jpg

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