the LV subforum is EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!!

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  1. ok so as some of you know I have wanted an LV for 6 years..........well DH finally broke down and bought me one last year and even with a matching wallet. I had only has Coach and Dooneys before then and thought those were expensive!

    So I was totally content with my one LV purse and one wallet. Then I join this EVIL, EVIL, EVIL forum and much to DH's dismay I HAVE TOTALLY LOST MY MIND!! I now sleep, dream and think about LV ALL THE TIME. I am constantly planning my next purchase, making impulse purchases, then returns and basically going NUTTO over LV! And all this has just been since I joined in late Nov, so basically 3 months!

    You guys are HUGE enablers and don't get me wrong, it's nice to have friends who like high end stuff but you are killing me!! :hysteric:

    EVIL, EVIL, EVIL LV LOVERS!! :devil: :mad:


    So who else has lost their mind (and wallet) since joining this forum??
  2. *raises hand* although I knew I wanted to purchase one before I came here. I did a LOT of looking, reading, lurking for months before I bought my baby, then I started posting. :smile: Now I wantwantwant more more more!
  3. I agree!!! I mean, I actually think the forum is more addicting than LV...hehe... but, then it all spirals into each other and becomes the same thing... I had one LV before the forum and now... well... not like a huge collection, but I've only been involved since May last year... that's like crazy...but, I mean, in the big picture, it's pretty darn innocent, right? It's not drugs or alcohol or porn... it's purses.... and accessories... and they have resale value... which the others don't btw...
  4. :lol::lol: aawww.... We know you :heart: it here. Probably glad you now have an excuse to buy more LVs. Welcome to the LV Addicts club!:devil:
  5. Sometimes I feel like this place is like a pro ana forum (well sorta), especially in the beginning, it just makes you go crazy and drain off all your resources and it just keeps on fueling spending. You just have to learn self control and start to appreciate other things in life and not let i ruinanything for ya. Internet is a dangerous place sometimes.
  6. OMG this place has me totally out of control. I honestly think it dies down a little after being here for awhile....I've been here 9 months and I'm starting to slow down a little now (went from multiple per month - of only 1 bag so far this year!). Although that could be a result of the not-so-great Spring collection!
  7. LoL, I hear you...
    Better addicted to LV than to drugs, right? :graucho:
  8. Damn.... you did better than me! Oh well, I'm not doing anymore this year... really really really. My co-worker just came over and started reading some of the blog and she's like:shrugs: huh, "what is that girl talking about, 30 not fitting me, I go like:nuts: girl, it's a whole different language, don't even try to understand it....:wtf: Ya just don't get it and that's okay, I don't get the Bluejeans bar either...:jammin: (where she hangs out and spends her money)... so there:p
  9. yep.
  10. LOL, that's what i tell DH all the time.
  11. My DH was like, "You're on a forum talking about purses? WTF???" I told him it is fun!
  12. *sheepish grin, raising hand* But it's soooo fun...
  13. Mine, too. I told him "Look.. you knew about the purse thing before you married me. It's only natural that it progresses a little." :smile:
  14. I've lost it too! I used to be happy with just my MC porte monnaie plat, mini HL and Cerises collection but now I just want more & more! I don't even tell people in my close circle about new purchases because most of them think it is ridiculous to spend soo much on handbags and the like. I've come to realize though I don't need 20 different wallets and 10 keyholders, so I'm probably going to stick with handbags and maybe save for a special order trunk or something else special that will stay in-house so to speak
  15. it's only Feb! :graucho: And don't forget the Fall/wintershow is on in 8 days time then you can start all over again :nuts: