The LV speedy

  1. I cna't exactly remember what it is called so forgive me..but it is the speedy that looks like a metallic silver. Is it the miroir?

    Anyway, I am interested in maybe getting one. Does anyone know if they are taking orders for them and how much it retails for? Thanks.
  2. The Miroir Line will launch late this year. The prices are going to be like the Perfo line and you can put your name down at the store.

    I put my name down for a few and I can't wait for it to launch!
  3. Call 866-VUITTON, give them your credit card info and put your name on the list.
  4. does anyone know how much it is?
  5. US$1150.00 is the estimated price for it right now.
  6. okay so I went into the boutique yesterday and I am actually waitlisted for the silver Alma which retails for $2,100. I liked it better than the speedy.
  7. You do know that it's alma voyage and not regular alma, right? It's HUGE!!! I think it's a travel piece!!!
    00060m.jpg 00330m.jpg
  8. Yes, the alma will be ginormous!!!lol, but if that's what you're looking for then go for it. The only way I would use the alma is for travel, that said, I put my name down for the silver speedy and the silver pochette.