The LV Rescue Club

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  1. The LV Rescue club is for those who have chosen to give life to a bag who may have seen better days. Weather it involves a few repairs, cleaning or replacement, the LV Rescue club wishes to recognize these revitalized LVs and their owners. No bag is too old, too worn or too abused. All LVs are beautiful, sometimes it just takes some extra LoVe to bring them back to life.

    Please share your story and pics of your rescue:
  2. Here's my story: After searching for a Graffiti Speedy for two years, I was unable to find one in my price range in the condition I desired. So I looked into vachetta replacement and decided that was the way to revitalize a well loved bag. After finding him on eBay, I dropped him off at my boutique. Three weeks later, he was back and stunning. Here are the before and after pics.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Hopefully this Graffiti Speedy's story can inspire others to breath some life back into a forgotten LV.
  3. i have a rescue of my own coming up. stay tuned! ;) thanks for starting this thread!
  4. ^ ooo! i can't wait to see it!
  5. this is such a cute club! i have a French Co. Speedy that is desperately in need of some new handles; however, it doesn't have the you think it's a lost cause? :crybaby:
  6. I'm not sure, but I absolutely think its worth taking into a boutique and asking! if you are not near one, you can call 866 or the closest one in your area and ask over the phone. You may be able to ship it to them for repair. Let us know what you find out! I'd love to see a revitalized French Co. piece!
  7. Aww, this is a great idea for a club.

    Can anyone give me an estimate of how much to replace a speedy's vachetta? I am amazed at how great that looks Mmcgurgan! It really makes me think about bags I have passed up on...
  8. YES! I would also be interested in an estimate. I have a Montsouris that has lived life to the full and really needs a makeover. Also, how long did it take to have the restoration done?
  9. What size speedy? And is it LE?

    You can call a boutique and ask for a quote for a full vachetta replacement. It only too 3 weeks for my bag to come back, I was quoted 6-8, so I was very surprised to get the call so early in the wait process!
  10. It looks like a beautiful bag and what a great idea!!
  11. Since French Co. speedies were not made by Vuitton, they will not repair or replace parts on them. The French Company stopped repairing their own LV-licensed gooods some time ago, so I'm afraid your best option now is to get an estimate from a leather craftsman.
  12. ^bummer! :crybaby:
  13. What a neat club idea. Love the pics of the grafitti speedy! I can't wait to see more examples!
  14. WOW what an amazing revitalisation for the Graffiti speedy mmcgurgan :tup:

    Does LV replace the entire nylon strap on Naviglio as well?
  15. Yay, so glad I found this thread. I just bought a papillon 30 and need the handles replaced. I called the 866 # and the store and neither would do a quote over the phone. Nearest LV is 2 hours away, so not sure when I can bring it in yet....I cant believe how great she looks and cant wait to get mine done!