The LV Purseket/Organizer Club !!

  1. I thought it would be neat to start a club where we could post pictures of our different LVs showing the purseket or bag organizers in them !! It would be a great reference club !!!
  2. Great idea for a reference club !!
    Here is my Damier Speedy 30 with a LARGE purseket in it:

  3. Large purseket inside a Cabas Mezzo:
    IMG_0021.JPG IMG_0024.JPG IMG_0025.JPG
  4. You'll find all these here

    [​IMG] Large in MC speedy(works in any speedy 30, lockit H and BH

    [​IMG] Lockit H with a med purseket as you can see a large would work better
    Med it also works in the speedy 25 [​IMG] and an alma long with a denim speedy and denim baggy pm

    [​IMG] here is the med in the petite noe and works great. It will also work in the piano.
    Large in Mc speedy1.jpg Lockit H with med.jpg Med in petite noe.jpg Med in speedy 25 (1).jpg
  5. as you can see this thread is going to become a duplicate to the reference thread

    petite noe with med purseket

    same purseket in a speedy 25

    Another speedy 25 with purseket of different color

    Med purseket in Alma

    same (medium) purseket in an MC speedy 30

    Manhattan PM with Small Purseket

    here is another pic of a med in a mc speedy see how it only covers 3 sides.
    [​IMG] see how the med only covers three sides... the speedy 30 needs a large.

    Bucket with Med
  6. ^^^^

    This is a CLUB, it is also EASIER to find than your thread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:search:
  7. not when you use the search tool
  8. this is such a great reference I been debating on getting one ! it looks great because my speedy 30 always looks like a tornado hit it lol can someone direct me to the site to buy one pm me
  9. ^^^^
    I think purseket has it's own website (, or you can find some good deals on eBay. I won't use any of my Speedies without one.
  10. This looks like a wonderful product. I am reseraching the various organizers to see what will be the best for my Speedy 35, Neverfull GM, Palermo GM, Tivoli GM, and Trevi PM.
  11. I need one for my neverfull
  12. Speedy 30 owners;) just bought a new friend and can't decode which organizer: pimp my speedy version, the chameleon, pursekit, or hippie chick. Any thoughts of current users would be greatly appreciated!
  13. i have both pimp my speedy and purse yo go, i really favor the pimp my speedy.
  14. I bought one of the Chameleon nylon organizers in orange. The first time I used it, which was only for a couple of hours, the color rubbed off on my patent key case. NOTHING was wet or even damp! I'll NEVER buy anything but Purseket products again.