The LV Mini Sac HL

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  1. Whenever I see this tiny bag on, I'm drawn to it...It's so cute, but I don't think I'd ever carry a bag that small. Still, It's adorable; I imagine my 2-year-old daughter playing with it.:lol:

    For those who have one, have you ever carried it? How do you use yours?

  2. I can't say that I'm drawn to it. It sooooo small. Where would you carry this? A night out maybe? I love Louis but not this one.
  3. I agree, its too small. I think it may even be too small for my 6 year old sis :lol:
  4. hehe, the last time i went into the LV store my friend bought it! its just so cute and small, i guess the only thing it would be used for is going out at night.... but i think its cute... but my friend hasn't used it yet though...
  5. My aunt has it and it always amazes me how much stuff she can put into that tiny tiny tiny bag!! She fits her cash/credit cards, some cosmetics and keys and then off she goes. Just amazing... She usually use it to go shopping and she gets plenty of compliments out of it. Also, she said she got this bag when it was cheaper... like alot cheaper! Damn the price hike!!
  6. Okay, I'll admit...I just want to play with it with my daughter.:lol: I'm trying to plant the LV seed early.:biggrin:
  7. I have this and l like it a lot. I use it when I run errands, shopping, and going out at night. I get compliments everytime I use it. It is small but you'll be surprised as to how much you can fit in it. It's a lot better that lagging a wallet around.
  8. yes i have this one, i bought it for my daughter when she was born. i also got her one in white multi color. they are small, but for the monogram one, i bought a strap for it.... and sometimes, i use it to go for coffee or window shopping. definitely big enough for my visa and lipgloss.
  9. Be careful with that.:smile: I did that too, now my 13 year old steals my bags! She came food shopping with me last week and in the store I noticed she was carrying my Isabella Fiore small tote in Pool! I was slightly annoyed but it looked really good on her. I have to do bag inventory every couple nights, just to see what she "borrowed".:lol:
  10. Too funny! I think I might have to wish for boys...may be too selfish to share ;) .
  11. Hehe.. bag inventory, that's so cute !

    I think the mini sac is pretty cute, but probably too small for most people. I saw this one girl (she was 14?) carrying it while at the Louis Vuitton store, and she had the strap and was carrying it across her body, it looked really good, and it's such a cheaper alternative even with the extra strap than the bags like the tambourin.
  12. If anyone sees a real one on ebay, please pm me. I saw one, but I'm not sure that it's real.
  13. It is cute, I usually put my CCs and keys, and c phone in it and stick it in another bag if I'm lugging lots of stuff to work. And I agree Buttery that it's good to plant the LV seed early, I'm a huge proponent of LV's worldwide domination!
  14. I think its cute, but I think it would make me look HUGE carrying this little teeny purse- like I was a giant or :biggrin:
  15. I think it's adorable :love:
    btw, do the still make it in MC?? I haven't seen it on the LV website for a long time..