The LV love is definitely BACK!


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
First, thanks to those who read my thread about my Damier Pochette Bosphore which is my newest purchase.

I was swayed to Chanel for almost 7 months now, but on Thursday night I had this sudden idea of buying an LV bag. Before my Pochette Bosphore I haven't had a boutique purchase since PSN in September. Things were getting kind of dull and I couldn't always afford Chanel from the store since most pieces are $2000+

The familiar excitement of going to an LV store came back after I planned my purchase, and of course I had fun with my SA at LV. I really love my new purchase and after surfing the LV forum once again for two days, I think I am back in love with LV :love:

I tried on the Galliera PM a couple of weeks ago when I was killing time downtown waiting for my boyfriend, but didn't think much of it since my love for LV wasn't back yet. But I kept seeing everyone's gorgeous pics these couple of days and now I think I have to get one :love: I've also loved the Trevi PM since it came out so I put that on my wishlist too.

I started a brand new wishlist on Excel and I only have about 10 things or so on there that I really want. Before drifting to Chanel, I had over 30 things on my wishlist, totalling to over $ my wishlist has been cut down to 1/4 of its original size, which I think is a "healthy" wishlist.

I think before, my purchases were moving way too fast and I didn't get enough time to appreciate my new purchases. I got bored easily and so I had to move onto a different brand. Since Chanel is so expensive, I ohly managed to acquire three bags within 7 months (it's still a lot but with LV it was probably 5-6 every 6 months) and I still love all three of my Chanels. I hope pacing my LV purchases from now on will keep me in love with Vuitton :heart:

Thanks for reading this and I'm very glad to say I'm back and here to stay!!


Aug 13, 2007
Welcome back Karman! I've always enjoyed your posts when I first signed on here on tPF, you were always knowledgeable and very helpful ... glad you're back!


Sep 17, 2007
Welcome back! I read a lot of your posts both here and on Chanel, but it's nice to see you permanently back on LV!


Aug 22, 2006
Does this mean lunch and trips to LV again? I heard Blushing is getting her groove back with LV too! (bumped into her twice in the last 2 weeks -- @ HR of course!):yahoo: for Karman!