The LV Lock and keys...!!! good idea!!! you do it???

  1. ooo...I love it! Now i just need to get a bag with a lock!
  2. You could.. But I'd find it awfully heavy and big.
  3. Yup, I've done that with my LV locks and the rhinestone lock that came with my Dior Girly Boston bag as well.
    I think they stole my idea, I suggested that here a long time ago. :p
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  5. :dothewave::dothewave::dothewave:! lol
  6. I got an extra set of lock and keys for my boyfriend as he wanted to wear it like this, looks good!
  7. if you put the keys in the lock like that, you can't ever unlock the lock with those set of keys right?? i tried putting my keys like that and it wouldn't reach the hole!!
  8. ^The keys are on a jump ring, if you leave them on the ring, you can just detach one of the keys to unlock it.
  9. hahahah duhh! man i'm so dumb lollllll thanks for pointing that out!!! hahaha im still cracking up at how dumb i am and how i didnt figure that out lol!
  10. Lol no problem :p
  11. :push::push::push: AUD $... = ...? lol :push::push::push:
  12. ^Last I heard, you could buy an extra lock set for $25, which is approximately AUD $27.
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    you and many hours are we on this site!!! LOL