The LV in the Nov. InStyle Mag

  1. It's about 7 pages in from the beginning, does anyone know what it's called and the $$? That is one GLORIOUS BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!:girlsigh:
  2. can you scan a photo?
  3. It's the Mirage Griet. It looks gorgeous in the picture. I was just confused b/c it looks like a burgundy but they only have it in noir on the website.
    Anyone know why?
    Oh, and it's listed as $3450 US on
  4. It DOES look burgandy in the photo, that's what I thought set it apart from any 'regular' bag. Well, I wasn't that far off on the price.
  5. ^^^^^:girlsigh:I sooooo love this bag. I will just keep dreaming.
  6. Love this bag, too!!