The LV in NYC has been ransacked! **lots of pics**

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  1. Ok so there are three generations of POOR in my family right about now.
    I went to NYC last weekend with my Mom and Grandmother to go see The Color Purple, but also to go shopping at LV (almost exclusively).
    Thank you all for the suggestions to go to the LV on 5th. It was magical... We're still in the afterglow.
    I got: Beverly, Azur Speedy.
    Mom got: Epi Bowling, Sunglasses
    Grandmother got: Beverly, Porte Tresor Wallet.
    We...are...POOR! But very VERY happy. :yahoo:

    LV on 5th-1.jpg
    LV on 5th-2.jpg
    LV loot1.jpg
    LV loot2.jpg
    LV loot3.jpg
  2. Oh my! Love every single piece!
  3. More pics...
    LV loot4.jpg
    LV loot5.jpg
    LV loot6.jpg
    LV loot7.jpg
  4. i saw the title and thought that it got burglarized! but wow you guys really did some serious damage! awesome purchases! congrats!!
  5. I thought the same, thought you guys got burglarized!
    I love your Beverly MM. It makes me want it more and more. Congrat! :yahoo:
  6. Oh man, the title so worried me - but that's one fabulous haul!
  7. congrats!
  8. wooo! COngratulations to you all!
  9. Great choices! Enjoy all those stunning purchases.
  10. Awesome! I love the Beverly!
  11. wow congrats ! I especially love the white epi !!! :smile:
  12. SCORE! Good job ladies! Love all your choices!
  13. Wow! That must have been a fun day!
  14. sound like you had a great time! it's cool to know that you and your mom and grandmother share the LV fun :tender: congrats with the purchases! they're all lovely especially the beverly
  15. love you new babies!