The LV group Chit Chat Thread.

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  1. HI Everyone

    I know it's often mentioned for a chat/general discussion type thread in LV so here it is.

    This is basically your get to know your LV buddies, how's your day been type of thread.

    Welcome to the away
  2. Woohooo! I think this will become my fav
  3. LOL you where fast to find it!
  4. Great thinking LA!
  5. Hi, just saw the thread and thought I would pop in and say hi. Thanks for starting it LA.
  6. Great idea! Thanks!
  7. Great idea, thanks for starting Label!
  8. Anybody doing anything fun?

    I'm sitting here waiting for the TV guy should be arriving sometime within the next 3 hours. So here I am killing time
  9. Did the Tv guy show up? Nothing much going on today. We took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda and while they were at the movies I had lunch with DH. Sales are on but I didn't buy anything. I am holding out until we leave for vacation in 13 days!!!

    I am shortly going to be taking my dad to the airport. He's going to India on business. His suitcase is packed with food, he's too scared to eat there! LOL!! My kids think that is so funny.

    Yesterday I was hanging out at LV with my fave SA. She showed me the vernis almas in mm and gm. Absolutely gorgeous! But again, I am holding out for our European holiday. I would love to pick something up from each country we go to. Is that too much to ask?

    Have a great weekend everybody!
  10. Not much going on here. I'm checking out the forum, watching Judge Judy and ignoring the laundry that I need to fold and put away. I don't mind doing laundry. I just hate putting it away!

    On the bright side DH is redoing our bedroom closet this weekend. He is putting up this really neat closet organizer. I can't wait till it's finished. Our closet now is horrible and disorganized! I hate looking at it.
  11. LoVer the TV guy did show up and so far all seems well (fingers crossed)
    Where will you be visiting on your vacation?

    Scarlett - I feel your pain on that one I don't mind the washing stuff etc it's the ironing I hate to such extent that I have a giant pile waiting for me, I know if I did it there and then it wouldn't get so big but urgh it's just no fun.
  12. Great idea claire! woot woot! A new addiction thread! This'll be a great place for us oldies but goodies to chill.

  13. Glad you got the TV sorted Label!

    As for the ironing get a lady, I just don't do ironing lol!
  14. LOL I know I really should!

    How is the weekend going for everyone?
  15. ugh. 13 days straight of work just might become 21! my sunday off just got scrapped in favor of covering a shift for my boss, then my tuesday look like its in danger of being eaten up too.

    just got sick. think its bronchitis again. have to stop smoking. i think i just quit 24 hours ago. wish me luck!

    just bought the blue denim cabby mm and am in serious LOVE! what took me so long! Now i need the black one too......yum!.................................
    and the amarante vernis alma has to come home by my bday.......
    what else? oh yea. im just in love with the alma, too........................

    not that anyone really knows me and therefore doesn't really care, but its nice to vent!
    I just ranted and raved and b1tch#d and moaned and then desired LV........
    thanks for listening!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.