The LV goodie that you just missed out on :-(

  1. Everyone has their story about the time that you just missed out on an LV goodie either b/c it was no longer in the boutique or maybe b/c you missed buying it online.

    What's your "Drats! I just missed out on that!" moment? :cursing:
  2. Red Mongram Vinyl Squichy. There one minute, left for lunch and to think it over, back in one hour and GONE.....:sad:
    Great thread topic Pouf!:yes:
  3. Just last night :sad: White loafers!!! ^&%#! auction bid program failed on me!!!
  4. Millionaire sunglasses! I had the chance for any color I wanted last Nov. but I passed on them!!

  5. a khaki Graffiti Keepall :crybaby:
  6. I wanted a cerises cles - reminded me of Forest Gump - and had to settle for a groom instead!
  7. Planner from men's f/w 2004 collection!!!
  8. Is it too late to report it? I am mad.:hysteric:
  9. Thanks Irene. I was going to say that.;)
  10. I had the chance to buy a Panda Pochette (or any of the wallets) but I just didn't do it. I can still picture them sitting in their glass display case...:crybaby: I'm still :cursing: about my stupidity on that one!

  11. Awwww - that was recent one too!

    Thanks for the comment too! I'm sending you lots of :heart:LV :P OE:heart:
  12. Oh goodness. I was watching that too! It looks authentic (with receipts and all that jazz)! Phew... Truly a blessing in disguise.