the lv fringe bucket bag.

  1. does anyone on here have this bag?? i absolutely adore it but it is SO expensive. i have never seen it IRL just in photos..
  2. I've seen it. I think it came out sometime last year. It was LE
  3. I think 2 of our members have them. I personally don't like it! lol! You should look at the visual aids, they might be there.
  4. I've seen this one and the speedy in person and they're cute. But do check the visual aids area for a better idea of what they look like on people.
  5. yea. i saw it. not real impressed. a bit whack.
  6. i have one and i find it really cute :smile: im in my early 20's and i must say it's appropriate for my age... it looks fun and young! =) it's really heavy though!

  7. I have one:


    If you like fun and in your face type of bags, then it's the bag for you. It is heavy and expensive though. Is it worth the $$$? I don't think so. Is it a bag you can use every day? Definitely not. BUT if you love things that are different and have money burning a hole in your pocket, then WHY NOT?!:graucho:
  8. i like it............not for everyday use though
  9. I think this bag is deceiving...if you just look at a pic of it you may think :wtf: my goodness...but, I saw a pic of model carrying it and it looked really need to see the bag modelled before passing judgement...the pic may have been in the celeb really changed my mind about this must be confident and know how to dress to make this bag work....and if you can make it work it is a WOW bag....
  10. That bag just does not do it for me. But for those who like it, go for it!
  11. the bag sort of reminds me of the 1960s hippie era. that is why i really like it. i adore the color of the fringes and i could definitely see myself wearing something like that. i am really into bizarre, out there things that a lot of people don't understand. but i can see how this bag may be deceiving because it does look all pretty standing there by itself, but i will have to see how it looks like on a model.
  12. i saw this lady carrying one and it looked fantastic!
    she lives near me, and she always goes for walks to the store with a different lv every day. its so much fun. i should really talk to her.
  13. I'm not in love with it.