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  1. Hi ladies,
    in order to keep things a little more organized in the H&P section, we've decided to devote subforums to the brands that are most discussed. That way, it will be easier to keep track of existing discussions and will help us avoid duplicates.

  2. great idea :biggrin:
  3. I just moved a good 100 threads into this place. And there is no end to come.

    Next, we'll have a Dior forum, a Balenciaga one, and Chloe as well.
  4. What a great idea Vlad! I can't wait for the balenciaga forum.
  5. Ok, the LV forum is done so far... tomorrow I'll get on all the other ones. Night all!
  6. Awesome! I like it! It's bed time for me too *yawn* Vlad, I think we're in the same time zone :P Are you and Meg apart right now?? My FH and I are, so I know the feeling :-/
  7. What a brilliant idea I love it - this purse forum is really taking off :smile:
  8. Just wondered how long has this site been established???
  9. Great Idea! Thanks for all your hard work!
  10. We went live in September, I believe.
  11. Unfortunately, we are. Not for much longer though, as I will be going back to the US in March/April.
  12. ooo a new Dior forum :nuts: Great work! You guys rock :love:
  13. this is great! I love this site :smile:
  14. Yes ! Best forum, ever !!!
  15. Vlad, thanks for all your hard work and dedication! :smile: