The LV Earrings club

  1. I'm earring obsessed in general and I figured a bunch of ladies might also be.

    With new ones from the bubble, charms baroque, bulles and a la folie earrings just out this last year let's showcase them all! :yahoo:

    Here's my A La Folie earrings to start this off


    ...I look forward to seeing yours :heart:
  2. Creole hoops w/ white enamel

  3. I've just got the Sweet Monogram earrings that came with three so you could pick any two to wear.
  4. Absolutely love them. Have been looking at these forever. Any chance of a modeling pic?
  5. Thanks! I'll try to do one tomorrow when it's lighter. :yes:
  6. Here's the modeling pic...I just took all 3 and pieced them together into one pic to make it easier.
  7. I love how dainty they look, so cute LVbabydoll!
  8. Thanks!
  9. ^ wow those earrings are so cute and they look great on you. i love how there's 3 and you can pick any two to wear. that's so awesome! :smile:
  10. Thanks! I love them, they're really comfortable, not too heavy at all. They're so fun! I usually wear the heart and one of the other symbols. :yes:
  11. I got them yesterday..absolutely in love

  12. my bubbles inclusion earrings :heart:
    Picture 005.jpg bubbles.jpg
  13. My first LV earrings, just got today during the Seattle meetup.

    Hoops with the charms, in new colors (called "orange juice" on elux)


    The other side has a coral fleur, gold "LV" and pale pink star.

    Here is the kind of crummy pic from elux

  14. Just bought the Heart Inclusion Translucide Earrings in Transparent! :nuts: