The LV Clubhouse

  1. I figured you guys would have a use for it. :wlae:
  2. thanks so much, vlad!! :yahoo:
  3. Swwweeeettt! Thanks Vlad!
  4. thanks, how sweet of you :smile:
  5. Great idea. Thanks :wlae:
  6. Great idea, Vlad!!!:yes::yahoo:Thanks a bunch!!!
  7. Thanks Vlad! its awesomeness!
  8. Hm. Is there a bar? :graucho:
  9. or a secret handshake????
  10. sweet!
  11. I like the way you think..:yahoo:
  12. cool
  13. Ooooh! Danica in the (club) house!
  14. Oh, he's an LV goner!!!!

    Awesome idea Vlad, oops, I mean LVad!!!!!
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