the luxury line

  1. hi,
    i am a newbie and i am getting my first chanel! i have a choice between the black metallic flap and the dark bordeaux bowler. i really like the bowler but they don't have the colors i want ( black and bronze ). please help me decide!!!
  2. Ooh bordeaux!? That sounds beautiful!
    So you WANT the bowler in black or bronze but can't find it?
    Do you like the flap at all?
    For me personally, I prefer the flap as it fits better on my shouder.

    Don't settle, that's for sure.
  3. Yes I wanted the bowler in black or bronze but couldn't find it. The only thing I don't like about the flap is that it's not as roomy. I don't even know how dark bordeaux look like but it was the only color available at the store I called. So I can either chance it and get the model I like but unsure about the color, or play safe with the black metallic flap.
  4. Are you calling Chanel or a dept store?
    If you're only calling one, I'd call the others and let them do the footwork for you.
    The Chanel Boutiques' stock will be very different from NM's stock, etc. . .
  5. Klin, Saks in Bala Cynwyd has a bowler in stock in the black metallic color. I will PM you the details!
  6. sorry, what leather is the bordeaux? do you mean that dark brown that chanel is calling bordeaux? i've seen both, the metallic flap and the bordeaux bowler... i'd go for the bowler. love the shape, the size, the fit on your shoulder and arm. it's a great bag.
  7. If it's the dark bordeaux from the fall line, then the leather is deerskin. I haven't seen the color in real time but figured it was a dark wine-red from the description. Does it really look dark brown?
  8. if i recall correctly i think the color is like blackcurrent...a very deep color - beautiful!
  9. thanks guys ( especially Edna )... i went ahead and got the black flap since i have no idea what dark bordeaux looks like... i got it from the Nordstrom store because the bf works there and i wanted to enjoy the discount... the bowler is definitely the next on my wishlist...
  10. Congrats! The black flap is gorgeous as well. I saw the bronze flap earlier in another thread and now I'm thinking of getting that over the bowler! Do you recall if the Nordstrom you checked had your bag in the bronze color? Has anyone seen the bronze flap anywhere? TIA! :flowers:
  11. i love the metallic bags...ive heard the flap is much easier to carry in the stiffer metallic skin compared to the bowler!!
    congratulations on your great find!!