The "Luxury" Collection


Jan 29, 2006
You guys have heard about the new "luxury" collection, right? I believe you can now view it online.

I'm curious what about their existing handbags weren't luxurious before: the lambskin? the deer skin? the "caviar leather?" The chains actually plated in real gold? the $1,000 - $3,000+ pricetag?

Totally not luxurious enough, thank God they came out with this new collection.

But hey, I'm not complaining! :smile:
OMG! I called the Chanel store..they are launching their denim lux line tomorrow..I personally loved the denim shopper tote...they told me most of their denims are OVER 2000.00!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!! I would buy the leather for that price!
Aww I'm kind of bummed about that.

I understand they need to keep prices up to maintain the exclusiveness, but two grand for a denim bag? Still anxious to see the pictures though.
The picture of the denim on wasn't all that clear- but I love love love the black and the gold.
I like either the flap bag or the bowling bag, the large shopper tote was okay. (hopefully that is the 3,000 dollar one and not the large bowling bag)
I was just at the store today and am on the waitlist for the black metallic flap bag. It kind of has a shiny look to it (from the picture) they didn't have the bag IRL for me to see but from the pic it looks beautiful!!! I am also waitlisted for the red. I can't wait til they call me. They said it should be next week sometime. Supposedly the leather is even more luxurious and the chain is hand sewn around the whole bag and that's why it's so much more money. The SA also said the black metallic is probably going to be a collectors pieces because they haven't done a metallic black bag!! I will let you know what happens!!
As I posted last week, tomorrow is the press launch. The black metallic goatskin bowler will get the most exposure. It was beautiful IRL at the trunk show. :love:
Well everyone-I just got back from serious shopping...Guess what I ended up with....The new Luxury collection black lambskin tote...its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having it shipped( to avoid taxes) and got it -with a saks 300 dollar EGC event GCfor Thurs.Woill post pics Friday!
I love it!!! It was instant love at first sight!