~*~ The Luxurious VIENNA Club ~*~

  1. One of my all time favorite Vuitton lines is Vienna line. I know LV hasn't produced very many styles in this line but the bags that were produced are simply GORGEOUS, IMO.

    vienna mizi.jpg
  2. I like it, is it a black or purple?
  3. Black.:smile:
  4. Stunning bags!
  5. what beautiful bags Irene!!!
  6. I looooove those bags. If only I could get one...
  7. [​IMG]
  8. How much is the Mizi Vienna and is it still available?
  9. Stunning.
  10. Don't know and no, it's long gone.
  11. Irene your bag is so HOT!
  12. I'm in with my Mizi Vienna!! My UHG!!! :girlsigh:

  13. Ahh congrats! Glad to see that people still appreciate this classic beauty

    I still have mine and need to post a pic
  14. Omg! I didn't know this bag ever existed :smile: But I love it! Especially cos I live in the city of Vienna, Austria :p