The Lux arrived !!

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  1. #1 Jul 2, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2009
    Hi there ..

    I ordered Treesje Avalon Black from from ebags & I ended getting the Asher Lux !! which is higher in price :P I emailed them 2day & waiting 4 their reply !!

    I loooooooooooved it:heart: .. very nice & unique Asher bag .. I can't wait to lay hands on Asher in Royal Blue:love:

    my sis got excited about Treesje once she saw a real one not a picture & now we r searching Asher in Black with Golden Hardware :yahoo:


    PS : I didn't get a dust bag !!!!
  2. more pix


  3. oooooh, delicious! :smile:
    Are you gonna keep it?????
  4. I live in UAE, & I bought this bag & have been delivered to my Aramex mailbox in NY "freight forward account" this means I will ship it all the way back again !!
    it's not worth it .. & it looks super HOT & unique than the rest of Asher bags
  5. Oh wow - nice! I've never actually seen the Asher lux now that I think about it. How does the silver stitching feel? Is it a metallic leather with black stitching??
  6. Looks amazing!!! Very unique looking!
  7. That looks awesome!! I really wanted that bag too but decided against it since I have more than enough expensive black bags.
  8. Congrats, it's GORGEOUS!:heart: The Asher is one of my faves!
  9. black stitches u mean ,, & the snake part is stitched with light gray not silver ..

  10. thank u :biggrin:
  11. never been a big fan of black bags .. mostly brown & colored ones :P but this one ROCKS!
  12. it's one of my favs now .. :nuts:
  13. Wow, I had always thought the trims on this one to be silver metallic leather, I just found out it's snake embossed leather from your post. This looks amazing, I like it!
  14. That is sooo purdy! Congrats! Can you post some mod pics when you get a chance?
    I just love it!
  15. Ooh, the asher lux is really pretty. Congrats!

    If you do decide to keep it, then I would contact Treesje's customer service and they should send you a dustbag for your bag.