*The Luscious LM Cuir Tote Club!*

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  1. Starting a Longchamp LM Cuir Tote clubhouse! Please post your beautiful LM Cuirs in all colors and sizes. I'd love to have large one in each color! :biggrin::graucho::heart::cloud9:

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  2. Here's my lovely, purchased last year. The leather is still beautiful and supple!

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  3. I have been debating about getting this but didn't see many reviews. Glad to have a forum for it. Maybe I'll get one during their semi-annual sale in June😊
  4. You'll love it. The tote is perfect in size for everyday use and work. I have a purse organizer to help me keep things in place as well. I've worn it in the rain with no marks/damage to the leather!
  5. I'm actually considering the smaller size of this in the honey color. Looks like the perfect size for every day use (not too small/not too big) and the leather looks like it's yummy. :graucho:

  6. It's super yummy. Here are some reference pics of the Korean celeb who's the new face of the LM Cuir. I posted more in the "Celebrities and their Longchamp" sub forum!

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  7. clutch in outremer

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  8. That bag is fabulous. :love: Is that color still available? Beautiful!
  9. So glad someone started this thread, does anyone else have pictures of their LM Cuir tote? Am considering as seems like a nice tote for the money but good to hear others experiences :smile:
  10. Hi

    Are the handles of this bag a bit hard and stiff , do they soften up with use ? I am getting a good deal on this , in ebony or the burgundy colour , would really appreciate any users opinions !
  11. I guess I can be a part of this club. I've had this lovely LM Cuir Tote for a few weeks now. I think her color is Sunshine as she isn't a neon yellow. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    This is the extent of my current LM Cuir collection. I look forward to using the tote this summer as the leather is quite nice.

  12. Gorgeous!
  13. Oh, I love this! Great color!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful summer color!!!! Is this the medium or large?
  15. Thank you!

    Cheidel, I think it's the medium. I don't know enough about the LM Cuir totes. Let me check the ID tag in the morning, and I'll let you know! ;)