The Luggage Club

  1. I didn't see a luggage club so I'll start ...
    Here's my Bosphore ... a great carry on that fits easily in overhead compartments.

  2. looking good! i love seeing LV luggage
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. oh so pretty!! i love looking at LV Luggage!! I'll be able to join this club one day!!
  5. Here is my luggage that I hope to take to Hong Kong soon - First Class !
    Will report on my trip once taken!
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  6. Ooooh I looooooove LV luggage!! Beautiful pieces, everyone!! :smile:
  7. come on people show me more!!!:nuts:
  8. Here are mine, pegase 70, pegase 50, keepall 55 and a newly woken dog :P
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  9. oh i love your luggage icechick!! <2 pegase.. that's like.. a must. but not really for me since i really don't go anywhere far. but so convient!
  10. awesome!!! all of them!
  11. Come on people...I know you've all got heaps hiding in the closet...:girlsigh:
  12. ^^ LOL.

    soon enough my dear, soon enough!
  13. hee hee, thanks for starting this club.:yahoo: i am drooling :drool: over all the pretty pieces. here is my damier keepall 55 and pegase 60.
    IMG_1368.JPG IMG_1369.JPG
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  14. The Pegase70 - does anyone check it or do you use it for car trips?
  15. I check it, it's luggage after all!