the ludlow

  1. how do you use yours? Do you carry another wallet with it? I have a vernis one, but am finding it hard to make it useful.
  2. Yeah I have one and have trouble using it too. I used to use it in my pochettes for a couple of cards and some cash but it's just SO tiny to get things out of. I prefer the billfold. The only thing I can suggest is use a cles in addition to the Ludlow so you can carry change or cash in that instead...otherwise the Ludlow gets too bulky.
  3. I use mine in my smaller purses but lately have been using it all the time and not switching to my large wallet....I put 4 cards in it (my DL, 1 credit card, and 2 ATM cards) I put cash in it folded, and put just a few coins. If I get more coins, I put them in my cles. I also have a pochette toilette 15 where I keep all my gift cards, other credit cards, discount type of cards, etc. That goes with me in a large purse, or just stays in my tote bag that I keep in my car (along with water bottle, sun glasses, makeup bag, etc.) that I throw my smaller purse into when I leave the house. Hope that makes sense.
  4. I have a Peppermint Vernis ludlow.

    I use it in combination with my Coach legacy wallet that does not have a large enough coin compartment.

    I will use it as a small wallet when I go to the swimming pool, or somewhere when all I need with me is a bit of cash and my DL :smile:
  5. I use like this when I carry a small bag.
    0706L1.jpg 0706L2.jpg 0706L3.jpg
  6. Noe Noelie you are brilliant! I always end up cramming the bills into the little change area. Why didn't I think of putting them in the card area? I love it!!!
  7. those are great pics, noe. thanks for sharing. i think a ludlow is a useful piece if you learn to pack lightly :biggrin: i had it in pomme but returned it for a MC Cozy since it was a bit more flexible...
    regardless, it's a cute lil wallet.
  8. Good Question

    Glad you asked this ..
    I've had one for over a year and have never used it.
    Good to know I;m not the only one that kind of found other items easier to use.
  9. I use mine as my wallet and I love it, but i don't have much to carry :smile:
  10. I use mine as a wallet when I have to carry my wallet in my pocket or jacket. Noe Noelie great idea for bills, I get frustrated trying to cram bills in the coin purse and forcing it to close. Thanks! :woohoo:
  11. OH, it's a good idea??? hehehe.

    If I carry my small bag or without a's enough size or fits in the pocket!!

  12. i;m getting one in amarante and i LOVE noe nolie's idea
  13. i'm going to use it with my cles, keep my license, registration, aaa card, all car related stuff in cles and debit, b&n and coffee card in wallet w/ other gift cards.
  14. Thank you for posting the pics - that helped :smile: