The Ludlow wallet...

  1. Can you put dollar bills in it? Can someone take pics of it for me?
  2. The Ludlow is supposed to be a change purse, but instead of putting coins in the change pocket I fold my bills in half and hold them in there.
  3. Ahh...thank you very much!
  4. Bonjour, for me the LUDLOW is too narrow. I've bought one in Paris years ago, one month later I sold it on Ebay, you can't put anything in this wallet !
  5. The ludlow is a nice wallet to use if you have to just run out of the house quickly to do some errands. It'll fit in a back pocket perfectly. You can fit a couple of bills inside it if you fold it as well as a couple credit cards.

    I love mine!
  6. I use my ludlow to store my drivers license and my atm card. I mainly use it for my smaller purses. Its not practical for everyday use. But I love it nonetheless.
  7. I put cash in my ludlow. I just fold it in half and stick it in one of the credit card slots. I carry my license, my credit card, cash, and a couple of other cards in it.
  8. Thanks everyone! I appreciate it and the pics. I fold my bills in half right now and it drives me crazy. I like them all flat. I'm weird I know!
  9. I love my Ludlow since I travel really lightly on a day to day basis. I fold my cash in half once & put it sideways in the coin compartment, it can fit quite a few too!